The Apotheosis of James I by Peter Paul Rubens

The Apotheosis of James I  by Peter Paul Rubens

Banqueting House, Whitehall.
The central ceiling canvas faces the entrance, so was directed towards a general audience rather than the king himself. This large oval of The Apotheosis of James I shows the King holding a sceptre with his foot on an imperial globe, being raised aloft by Justice.

It is said to celebrate the Stuart kings’ belief in absolute monarchy and the ‘Divine Right of Kings’. As James I proclaimed to Parliament ‘The State of monarchy is the supremest thing upon earth. For kings are not only God’s Lieutenants upon earth and sit upon God’s throne, but even by God himself they are called gods’.

The canvases were painted by Rubens and installed in the hall in 1636. The three main canvasses depict The Union of the Crowns, The Apotheosis of James I and The Peaceful Reign of James I.
The entire ceiling is composed of two canvasses measure 28x20ft (9x6m) and two others 40x10ft (13x3m)

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