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Art Gallery – Sidi Bou Said * سيدي بوسعي

You have to view this picture on black Sidi Bou Said is een pittoreske plaats in het uiterste noorden van Tunesië, aan de Middellandse Zee. Het ligt op ongeveer 20 kilometer afstand van de hoofdstad Tunis. De plaats is genoemd naar een oorspronkelijk Marokkaanse islamitische heilige die hier woonde, en wiens volledige naam Abou Said…

Elewijt Castle I

Elewijt Castle, also known as "Castle of Het Steen" or "Rubenskasteel", is a castle in Elewijt, Belgium, which was owned by Peter Paul Rubens – famous Flemish Baroque painter – from 1635 to his death in 1640, and features in some of his paintings. Posted by >Gert Vanhaecht on 2015-01-03 09:06:50

Silver and gold

I loved the way the sunlight got reflected and given different tones depending on the glass in the windows at the dormitory at Santes Creus, a well known cistercian monastery, Tarragona, Spain. I took so many photos of that place (a favourite of mine), I can’t really make up my mind about which ones to…