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Covelandia du labrador

One doesn’t paint with the hands, but with the eyes.- August Renoir Covelandia du labrador Located at Labrador, Pangasinan, Philippines-Jingylem S. Erum Photo Feel free to leave a comment Posted by >conundrum525 on 2009-04-13 09:44:21 more about August Renoir

Netherlands-3994 – Raising of Lazarus

PLEASE,NO invitations or self promotions, THEY WILL BE DELETED. My photos are FREE to use, just give me credit and it would be nice if you let me know, thanks. The raising of Lazarus, 1853-1890 (after Rembrandt) Posted by >archer10 (Dennis) 140M Views on 2013-12-31 07:58:01 more about Vincent Van Gogh

Road trip

Primera foto que comparto del viaje a Islandia junto a Enrique Gil, Juan pixelecta y Juanra Noriega. Este sitio no teníamos previsto visitarlo hasta el último día, pero cuando estábamos en Vik, debido a las fuertes lluvias que ya nos habían impedido salir a hacer fotos la primera tarde del viaje y amenazaban con lo…

Heuhocken im Schnee

Reminiszenz an Franz Marc. Gut, eigentlich sind´s Heurollen, Heuhocken hat man heute nicht mehr. Reminiscence to the german painter Franz Marc and his wonderful picture. Posted by >Wulf Dieter Vogl on 2017-02-02 17:51:52 more about Franz Marc