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Giverny: garden of Claude Monet: Clos-Normand borders

Santolina-lined autumn borders and paths in one of Monet’s gardens, the Clos-Normand, in the village of Giverny (the département of Eure, in the Normandie / Normandy region of northern France), on a clear morning in early October 2016. Giverny is in the valley of the River Epte, just across the river from the Île-de-France region…

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In 1905, inspired by the artist Claude Monet, Madame Thébault decided to create a garden on the Falaise d’Amont with avant-garde elements and overtones of impressionism reflecting Monet’s work. Posted by >Tony Shertila on 2017-06-11 07:15:47 more about Claude Monet