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Lam, Wilfredo (1902-1982) – 1942 Goddess with Foilage (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City)

Gouache on paper; 105.4 x 85.1 cm. About this artist Source: Oxford University Press Cuban painter, draughtsman and sculptor. He was brought up as a Roman Catholic but was also introduced at an early age to African superstitions and witchcraft. In 1916 he moved to Havana, where he began to make studies of the tropical…

Marcoussis, Louis (1883c.-1941) with Meret Oppenheim (1913-1985) in 1933 by Man Ray

Vintage gelatin silver print. Louis Marcoussis, formerly Ludwik Kazimierz Wladyslaw Markus or Ludwig Casimir Ladislas Markus, (1878 or 1883,[1] Łódź – October 22, 1941, Cusset) was a painter and engraver of Polish origin who lived in Paris for much of his life and became a French citizen. After studying law briefly in Warsaw he went…

Flower Explosion

Garden path in the Normandy area of Claude Monet’s residence with an explosion of Spring flowers. Posted by >bmasdeu on 2018-06-14 21:32:27 more about Claude Monet

Cezanne, Paul (1839-1906) – 1893-94 Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City)

Oil on canvas; 59 × 72.4 cm. Paul Cézanne (US /seɪˈzæn/ or UK /sɨˈzæn/; French: [pɔl sezan]; 1839–1906) was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter whose work laid the foundations of the transition from the 19th-century conception of artistic endeavour to a new and radically different world of art in the 20th century. Cézanne can…