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New York, Ballet, by Edgar Degas

US réportage Best view in SlideShow The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer, by Edgar Degas VIDEO Great Museums: MET, take a look! Posted by >oriana.italy on 2010-01-05 18:47:32

Silver and gold

I loved the way the sunlight got reflected and given different tones depending on the glass in the windows at the dormitory at Santes Creus, a well known cistercian monastery, Tarragona, Spain. I took so many photos of that place (a favourite of mine), I can’t really make up my mind about which ones to…

Raphaël Dubois Self portrait

Self portrait of the Belgian artist RaphaĂ«l Dubois (1888-1960) – He was a pupil of Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922) – Style:Post Impressionism – Zelfportret van de Belgische kunstenaar RaphaĂ«l Dubois (1888-1960),hij was een leerling van Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922) – Stijl:Post Impressionisme. Posted by >paulgosselin on 2012-08-11 06:11:50

La Cartuja, Monasterio, Granada

Chartreuse de Grenade Source WIKIPEDIA Vue de la Chartreuse de Grenade PrĂ©sentation Nom localCartuja de Granada CulteCatholicisme DĂ©but de la construction1516 Style dominantArchitecture baroque GĂ©ographie Pays Espagne CommunautĂ© autonome Andalousie VilleGrenade CoordonnĂ©es37° 11′ 31″ Nord 3° 35′ 58″ Ouest GĂ©olocalisation sur la carte : Andalousie La chartreuse de Grenade est l’un des plus importants monuments…