pictures of an exhibition_Bilder einer Ausstellung

pictures of an exhibition_Bilder einer Ausstellung

This is my result of a project (we called Round Robin) together with five other woman.
To put it briefly: everbody sewed for everybody. I wanted the others to sew a ´real´ painting for me. So I received five incredible wonderful pictures from the others!!
And every member sewed two blocks for the tile floor as well.

My idea was to create an exhibition, a room people visit to see the paintings.
Which paintings were ´repainted´ in fabric was a surprise to me untill I received them back alltogether. And what a surprise!
And then I had to make the quilt out of it (which wasn´t as easy for me as I hoped).

I was so excited to have my quilt ready to hang it up today – and the sun was so beautiful – I had to take a photo right away. Not the best but I´ll do a better one on another day, for sure.

The pictures are from right to left:
"Mother of Nikita" from Alexej Jawlensky made by Rebekka
"Blue Horse" from Franz Marc made by Sabine
"Turkish Cafe 1" from August Macke made by Angela
"Half woman, half angel" from Niki de Saint Phalle made by Carola
"Goldfish Bowl" from Henry Matisse made by Friederieke
and "Couple in the yellow sky" from Marc Chagall made by me, as well as the whole setting.

140 x 50 cm / 55 x 19,5 inches

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