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We are all the subjects of impressions, and some of us seek to convey the impressions to others. In the art of communicating impressions lies the power of generalizing without losing the logical connection of parts to the whole which satisfies the mind.

— George Inness or Camille Pissarro

Note: Interestingly, the quote is attributed to both renowned artists who lived at almost precisely the same time (Inness 1825-1894 and Pissarro 1830-1903). They probably had many arguments as to who said it first…or perhaps they said it simultaneously at some famous artist’s convention of some sort, recorded for posterity by some minor art critic. Regardless, I’m not sure how one would go about determining the truth and at this point neither probably cares too much about pride of authorship. But since I favor the subject matter of Inness’ work, I’ll go with him. The other odd thing about this link is that I’ve always thought each seems to have an extra "s" in their name. But, admittedly, that is only my opinion…

Posted by >A. Walden on 2013-02-17 16:35:26