Family Photography | Brothers | Penestanan Rice Field | Ubud | Bali

Family Photography | Brothers | Penestanan Rice Field | Ubud | Bali

Penestanan is a a traditional and pretty village of artists and bead-workers on the western outskirts of Ubud. It has a population of about 2000, which is quite large for a Balinese village.

It’s hard to believe that the quaint village of Penestanan is only one kilometer from bustling colorful Ubud, the cultural and artistic center of Bali.

Historic Penestanan is nestled between the famous villages of Campuhan and Sayan where some of the earliest foreign visitors to Bali chose to make their homes in the 1930‘s.

Surrounded by beautiful terraced rice-fields, this charming village is the home of hundreds of painters and bead-workers who live and work in their traditional walled family compounds.

The name Penestanan comes from penastan which means bowl for holy water. The river Bhangsuh begins from a spring in the north of Penestanan village and joins with the Campuhan River in the south of the village.

Penestanan ladies are famous for their beautiful skin, which is attributed to the properties of this special river.
According to history, Ubud once had a king who donated land to people who gifted unique works of art to him.

People with artistic trades as painters, stone and wood carvers, jewelers, basket and textile makers, etc. were all given land and gradually villages grew that each specialized in their own particular type of art.

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