Egon Schiele “I, eternal child” ~ “Ich ewiges Kind” – – Model boats on the water basin at Museum Leopold – Museumsquartier, MQ Wasser Spiegel water mirror

Egon Schiele

It was on Ascension Day that I walked during a break at work across the yard of Museumsquartier. When I saw these model boats on the basin I had to stop and watch for a while. I thought that Schiele, who had an intense passion for toys and kept his toys from childhood, would like it, that people are driving remote controlled toy boats in front of the museum with the largest collection of his paintings.

"Ich ewiges Kind" ("I, eternal child"): poem and title of a book of poems written by Egon Schiele.

Part of: Vienna: Secession, Fin de sieclé, Jugendstil, Art nouveau, Art deco – Wien um 1900 / Egon Schiele / aquarius

DMC-G2 – P1610839 – 2013-05-09
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