Yesterdays Thoughts are the Roots of
Today, as Today is the Seed of the Future…

~2500 Years before we´ve woven the Society and
Cities we live in today – where did we go from here?

Carpe diem, Homo faber.


[The Charakter in the Pikture is the greek Thinker Heraklit taken out of Raphaels Pikture The School of Athens (The Stanze di Raffaello – Italian for "Rooms by Raphael") in the Palace of the Vatican are papal apartments with frescoes painted by the Italian artist Raphael and his workshop. The Rooms were originally intended as a suite of apartments for Pope Julius II. He commissioned the relatively young artist Raffaello Sanzio and his studio in 1508 or 1509 to repaint the existing interiors of the rooms entirely. It was possibly Julius’ intent to outshine the apartments of his predecessor (and rival) Pope Alexander VI as the Raphael Rooms are directly above Alexander’s Borgia Apartment… Read more on Wikipedia]

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