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Brian Dettmer Raphael 2008 Altered Book 15" x 11-1/2" x 2-1/2" Image Courtesy of the Artist and Kinz + Tillou Fine Art Posted by >Brian Dettmer on 2010-04-08 15:43:43


The tomb of the artist Raphael in the Pantheon. Posted by >54fytng on 2009-07-10 18:06:33

Santa Maria del Popolo

The church contains works by several famous artists such as Raphael, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Caravaggio, and Donato Bramante. Posted by >Vlad Bezden on 2014-08-29 20:00:03

The Academicians of the Royal Academy by Johann Zoffany – Detail

1771-2 Painted for George III Zoffany’s image similarly shows the ‘back-of-house’ clutter and the intellectual dignity of working artists, where fine gentlemen sit on packing cases and converse with polish and good-humour. He depicts the Academy’s life-drawing room at Old Somerset House, with casts round the walls, a simple platform for the model (with chalk…