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John Raphael Smith after Henry Fuseli, Belisane and Percival under The Enchantment of Urma from The provenzal tale of Kyot published by John Raphael Smith, 25 August 1782

This print reproduces a lost painting and represents a Gothic scene of Fuseliโ€™s invention. An evil wizard, watches over an imprisoned maiden and an enchanted knight (Percival). Fuseliโ€™s painting of the succeeding action, with Percival woken, appears in Room 3. The velvety qualities of mezzotint were seen as peculiarly appropriate to Gothic subjects of this…

The Pantheon

The Renaissance artist, Raphael, requested that he be buried in the Pantheon and in 1520 he got his wish. The Pantheon is one of the most well preserved buildings from ancient Rome and is about 2,000 years old. There are many famous monuments all over the world modelled on the Pantheon in Rome such as;…