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Título: Tirol Autor: Franz Marc Año: 1914 Posted by >isabelsalazaralvarez on 2010-12-13 23:46:16 more about Franz Marc

Franz Marc Tulips 1

I needed a colour fix, and this was the result. I’ve loved Franz Marc’s paintings for years and his work is one of the sources for my taste for colour. Too gaudy for some people’s tastes, no doubt. The heavy vignetting is deliberate and part of the desired effect. Background – a picture of some…

IMG_5358 Franz Marc. 1880-1916

Franz Marc. 1880-1916. Cheval dans un paysage. Essen Folkwangmuseum Franz Marc. From 1880 to 1916. Horse in a landscape. Essen Folkwangmuseum Posted by >jean louis mazieres on 2013-11-01 06:44:11 more about Franz Marc