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great stamp Austria postage 7 S Schilling painting H. Schickhofer postage bollo francobolli timbre Autriche Republik Österreich Modern Art, Special issue stamp porto franco Briefmarke Österreich Moderne Kunst Sondermarke commemorative stamp postzegel S 7

*** *** *** I’m stampolina and I love to take photos of stamps. Thanks for visiting this pages on flickr. I’m neither a typical collector of stamps, nor a stamp dealer. I’m only a stamp photograph. I’m fascinated of the fine close-up structures which are hidden in this small stamp-pictures. Please don’t ask of the…

Calligram of Pablo Picasso

I created a portrait Pablo Picasso by using calligram methodology. This portrait is hand drawn and the image is based on picture of Pablo Picasso taken in 1957. That was a one day project. Posted by >Jolanta Losowicka on 2012-02-22 14:22:50 more cubism art

Marcoussis, Louis (1883c.-1941) – 1929 Interior with Double Bass (Tate Collection, London, UK)

Oil on canvas; 49.5 x 60.0 cm. Louis Marcoussis, formerly Ludwik Kazimierz Wladyslaw Markus or Ludwig Casimir Ladislas Markus, (1878 or 1883,[1] Łódź – October 22, 1941, Cusset) was a painter and engraver of Polish origin who lived in Paris for much of his life and became a French citizen. After studying law briefly in…