Antwerpen… The Cathedral of Our Lady… impression.

Antwerpen... The Cathedral of Our Lady... impression.

The exterior of Cathedral is so beautiful as well as its interior. The Cathedral contains a number of significant works by the Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens, as well as paintings by artists such as Otto van Veen, Jacob de Backer and Marten de Vos, a number of fantastic stained-glass windows and great sculptures. It is quite probable that they are an important works by a Liege sculptor, who is called the ‘Master of the Marble Madonnas’. The Our Lady’s Cathedral and that reverence for the Virgin has always been quite popular in Antwerp shows in the stately, lustrous decoration of the amply dimensioned Mary chapel. More even than the imposing altar, the many candelabras, the silverwork and the three nineteenth-century stained-glass windows dedicated to Our Lady, statue of Mary with Jesus on her arm functions as an eye-catcher here. Mother and child are represented at their most royal: both with a large gold scepter and crown, which are moreover set with precious stones. This interior with its treasures makes so great impression on me, that I created some collages with my own combination of that sculptures in interior…

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