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caballo de Franz Marc

Explore 11-07-08 #369 Franz Marc’s horse (((: texture layer added FREE texture from NinianLif Posted by >uteart on 2008-11-07 13:40:53 more about Franz Marc


We are all the subjects of impressions, and some of us seek to convey the impressions to others. In the art of communicating impressions lies the power of generalizing without losing the logical connection of parts to the whole which satisfies the mind. — George Inness or Camille Pissarro _______________ Note: Interestingly, the quote is…

Raphaël Dubois Self portrait

Self portrait of the Belgian artist Raphaël Dubois (1888-1960) – He was a pupil of Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922) – Style:Post Impressionism – Zelfportret van de Belgische kunstenaar Raphaël Dubois (1888-1960),hij was een leerling van Evariste Carpentier (1845-1922) – Stijl:Post Impressionisme. Posted by >paulgosselin on 2012-08-11 06:11:50